The Waiter at Genesis Sky Bar

Anticipate Uncensored wears to reference HD TV material for use of target practice in the blogging Arena.

Here is the Game Plan:

So Hypothetically There was this waiter: This guy Right here. working from 8am -5pm in genesis cinema sky bar.

Whose name we don’t care about because he’s name was Sam Amish hank but an imaginary chemical space probe exploded  and took away his sense of Space Time Censorship but left him with an unimaginable ability off “*** to get this^^^” Making up and getting called ememesis who names enemy isis and the poor saps name is now Zapp Barflyn who was a former self thought ncar air waves pilot when something it’s not important, the story isn’t about him only know he has a role as a key player; He is waiting at the tables for the day at the top floor at sky bar.

Try and keep up because There are unannounced key pleasurable moments in every parse Zapp Makes while serving his orders you should plan to intercept.

Once upon a time At Table A where two Full Stack Developers Artificial intelligence PHD holder and Master in Javascript Development Dr. Fendi Wade and Matrix Co-dependent Software Engineer Marylyn Foster.

planning their escape from a life of suffering and pain. By Plotting to build a software to analyse Global and domestic computing metric data of improbable Statistics. Their game plan as Full Stack Developers was based Simply on a principle of “for every packet data there is information needed to be processed and returned back to the internet of things”

They planned an intoxicating sipping order metric tactic in this sequence: 3 shots of Hennessy each; to serve them for the first 5 minutes of their meeting, then precisely after 30 minutes; another 5 shots and finally 5 shots every 1 hour till either of them passes out inevitably.

They Theoretically planted a rule to be professionals and to free their beings when devoid of ideas for an escape plan out of their misery.

At Table B sat two Stock brokers whose bio metrics data doesn’t matter, Because let’s say we are in-generically incapable of any cognitive diversification assignment but more worried to discover their roles in life as stock exchange and Forex Trading data analysts: Their game plan as Data Analyst had a different principle of  “A stitch in time saves Penny”

They planned a Delusional ordered metric tactic in this sequence:- 5 shots of Tequila and lime each to serve them for the first 45 minutes of their meeting, then precisely after 15 minutes, another 10 shots shared equally and finally 2 shots every 90 Minutes till either of them passes out inevitably in exhaustion of exchange of ideas. The outcome of their meeting was so important lawful and good that No Man or government could predict the final Wall Street summit of their broker business meeting.
It was at that very moment we knew you were going to watch the wolf of wall street again and again.

Finally, at the Last Table C sat three inglorious bastards their names where Anthony McMaine, Bohen McCarthy and McCowen Carter three of Brooklyn hell’s kitchen most notorious Gangsters in the Los Angelis of today plotting how they were going to launder their looted DOH after a successful heist.

Their Game plan for the Poor waiter was pretty easy: “A stick in time saves 9”

They plotted the Most irrational fantasmic order metric tactic in this sequence: 5 shots of Rum n’ Whiskey and coke each to serve them for the first 10 minutes of their meeting, then precisely after 45 minutes, another 10 shots shared equally

and finally a packet of captain Black’s Pure bubble gum blend Nicotine Flavored cigars and 2 shots of their Fluid Poison and Minerals each every 1 hour till neither of them passes out in exchange of ideas.

The outcome of their meeting was so despicable that No law enforcement detective in town could mime any trace of unmarked currency leading back to the time of the scene of their business meeting..

Stay with me Because this is when the Hypothetical becomes hypertensive.

The Job of uncle Sam Hank is to interpret these order statistics and moderate the number sequence in which each order has been made to each table party.

That’s right I bet you never thought you were a character in this post. sorry for shooting a sly parse by you, we wanted to check if you are still with us. His secret message is left for you to decipher from the clues of this report to each table while making an intercepting in-parse.

While Adhering to the game planordered by his customers on his waiting shift at the bar. He knows his role is to play as the front man, he had his own calculative resolve before his shift is clocked over.

It was his duty to make the interception between the relative obvious cycles of diabolical sense for reason and progress.

What did our passionate Zapper the waiter Do? In a precisely tight and timely manner while over hearing their conversations from various instances of delivering order  cycles he tried to deal/translate Key points and hints to gain extra tips from 8AM – 5PM when his shifts eventually Clocks titled.

He Had to make his own strategic parses to all table party members because it was imperative to his good will that everyone must leave happy and fulfilled else Barflyn would loose more than a job.

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