A vision for encryption on the run way

First we ask ourselves this question, What is difference between Fashion Fiction and Real Fashion?

The prayer for wisdom in guidance to know the difference: Dear lord as we read this post and as we all contribute in deciding the fate of fashion future, please give us the patience, wisdom, and understanding to choose between real and fantasy. As we review this post guide us to identify the clues and piece them together to set quality trends for the future of fashion.

Lets Envision Fashion Future in retrospective light. We want to briefly welcome you into a microscopic era of Fashion Fiction. A fictional ancient belief which science, censoring technology, magic and caged wisdom has endured for centuries striving to prove.

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Anticipate uncensored wears to reference mass media material in airing their views in the blogging arena.

We are inviting you to share and decipher our new project Plans which contains plots of Encryption.

in this post we are going to take you on an adventure journey to a Fictional microscopic plant named Endcrypton. Remain calm, be cautious and Stay Tuned and keep focus because there is a twist at every relay you should anticipate to decipher.

Note: Before we concluded that our fashion experiments were safe to be executed on run ways. We made sure every point of observation  we aired in this post was made under a microscopic system and tested with a glidescope. The Aim is to get you informed about how hypothetical fashion ideas are gradually monitored before getting approved and accepted from the run way of Fashion Fiction and zapped into the real world.

Stay focused because if you are conversant with most of our blogging techniques you should know there are tantalizing key pleasurable moments you should plan to intercept. While deciphering the encrypted ironic messages.

Ionic Agents

Ionic Agents are Ai’s they are like you and me, they talk and sound very much human. Although they can’t be spoken about in details for security purposes, Just know they are real  in our imaginations and are here to keep our Marketplace safe from controversy and corruption.

We have theoretically stationed Ionic Agents at various Plots, here and there to Purify and Protect the Marketplace visitors from Malicious  and Explicit Content.

Plot 1

Dear 2018 fashion trend survivors. This is a special news announcement from the fashion authority here to enlighten you on the difference between fashion fiction and fashion reality.

Fashion Fiction are futuristic trends that aren’t yet feasible to be approved for public consumption. It is a process in a form of mass media the fashion industry uses to communicate to fashion lovers. This process of communication is carried out safely on the run way through a futuristic unrealistic fantasy. It teaches us about how to set trends in-motion for unintentional sexy and glamorous beliefs necessary for the growth and prosperity of the fashion entertainment industry.

Plot 2

In a deep enchanted gallery was a tiny plant with an infinitesimal galaxy inhabited by Evolved humans who lived in peace and Harmony. Everything about their culture, traditions, language, technology, lifestyle was based on irony much like ours today.  Encrypton was a rich plant with great possibilities and opportunities.

Everyone on plant Encrypton were all civilized and coded people. They were a satisfied and thankful group of decyphered encrypted species with a great and equal chance of survival at life. Blessed and Unknown to them after an ionic revolution of photosynthesis of life occurred in the late 21st century, evolution took place and their subconscious mind and body metabolism began to nourish abundantly.  So on plant Encrypton everyone had a long life span because of their body had a glowing natural organic air and life ionic purification harmonization system.

Plot 3

Everything on the runway under observation waiting for approval was all in control of an all knowing organization called cipher. The cipher organization are a bunch of officials in charge of overseeing the project plan to encryption. They are neither good nor evil, their goal is to maintain the balance of law & order of the contents from the runways being approved for public use.

However while the ionic agents purifies, manages, monitors, executes and controls the contents on the uncensored wears marketplace It is your responsibility to sort and choose for what fashion trends are ethical, right and feasible for approval for public use while observing fashion through the hypothetical microscope on the run way.

Plot 4

Fashion in the real world.

In essence, while you were lost and enduring in our microscopic and hot glidescopic dome universe of fashion fiction, it was the job of the agents at cipher to flash you back to reality.

Caption This: Spoiler Alert!
For those who want the ionic agent to spoil it for them.

We were all victims of the cipher organization for trying to fit the pieces of the clues to the puzzle in this post. You were forced into a deep delusion of deciphering encrypted ironic information of simple fashion being displayed on the run way enduring, trapped in a scientific illusion, waiting to be set free from setting high standards for new trends through passion, pain, sweat and suffering of talented run way models.

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