Uncensored Wears Encouraging Healthy Thinking

Encouraging Healthy thinking Through Misunderstood Creative Evolution:

Through Parse Explanation: pronunciation of uncensored can be revolved, seen and vocally spoken as ON-censored. This is a cryptic topic forcing an elusive OFF-Censored antonym to make a parse to prove the fact that the clothes we are designing is either offensive, immoral and illegal but most entertaining, fun-filling and intelligible. Parse: verb (to make a parse is to resolve sentences or words pronunciations or mental picture into components or parts and describe their syntactic roles) in this case we made a parse in our un-censored syllabus module, ‘un’ may be unknowingly revolved spoken & thought of as ‘on’ whose antonym is inevitably parsed interpreted to be off-censored meaning our revolution for un-censored is resolved to be off-censored.

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