The Art of Steaming Ionic Air Harmonization through rehabilitating smoke venting evaporation. Tap ‘n’ Tar Smoke is anything that is nothing but contaminated air moving with force and velocity to purge the static system of mixed toxic invisible chemical substances of variable elements in a void. It is nothing its fairly dust it doesn’t exist.

In Warning: “Smoker are Liable to die young” A Public Notice from the British American Tobacco Company.

Smoke Vaporizing is An Act in a form of Art. Marijuana and Cigarettes Vaporized Smoke is not on the elemental chart it reacts to form a systematic Aromatic Injection with statistic autistic play of alpha phoenix alkaline emphatic waves to tackle air acidic levels.

Esiri Ekwale- At the American University of Nigeria ROBERT .A PASTOR Library  & E-LEARNING CENTER under construction. commissioned summer 2014

Harness a will to take a break.
Break a dominion of air flowing through wind pipe lines. I Find Breezy Cool vaporized tap n’ tar parse illuminating as well as invasive to the first poor parse of un-hygienic harmful 1% liquid air of noble gases coming from black sooth from burning illegal oil refined residue. A Tap n’ Tar parse so sympathetically excusive to be a systematic excursive breathing exercise.

Passive Venting

** FILE ** In this Sept. 9, 1954 file photo, Marilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of a New York subway grating while in character for the filming of “The Seven Year Itch” in New York.(AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman, file)

An exercise on recreational Smoking and Working progressively:

So during the occasional rush hour from day to day. Ignoring the fumes and smoke in the atmosphere we want to urge you to Meditate and concentrate a will to focus and understand oneself and why things are the way they seem.
Still on the topic of denial and the notion of misconceived logic unannounced to you there was literally trouble hidden in the air you breath. RELAX ITS NOT A BAD LIFE ONLY A BAD DAY.

Help- Quit before you try to Test Smoke Examine the Toxic Ph Acidity Level in air of an unhealthy filthy environment. Drinking water while Relaxing through breathing is a Fun Exercise.

During Rush hour In Our emergency Call to The Lao Tzu (Tao te ching) The Classic of the way and its virtue. The Tao te ching emphasizes the joyful, passive, carefree side of life- the permanent way of the tao is none being in this case a none censored being. Among the 25 virtues of Lao Tzu one of our favorite virtue is conceived as The way of the truth departed from the way of the lie in an instance to quit in denial when work is Done.

Find time to Relax. Trust me this is not a tip it’s a prescription else you will tip and split your differential or worse else implode. Jackie Tucker Trust Chris Chan, you have to relax and get rid of all the stress and pressure. Remember this whenever you have the time to work out or Engage in the Occasional Art of recreational retrospective Light to brighten up your day.


Despicable me softwear universexity Nominates Health and safety Hazmat Minion for Air Ionic Harmonization in Integration and rehabilitation of Social Science Evolution.
Nature calls for tactical survival instincts when lost in the deep blue state of containing contaminants trying to change our resolve to QUIT or OFF SET a take of our time from work.

This can be avoided by good breathing habits in Smoke rehabilitation purification of our air waves. Execute ionic air purification exercises by Actively reducing toxic waste from atmosphere to promote healthy stress free breathing. Therefore our survival for oxidation is deepened with the help of our hypothetical subconscious ionic Harmonizing system.

An Ionic Resolve to Eat banana

A friendly message from our Dear Minion Dr. GootM’House Ice-Frostin, Dr.Goot’N’bus’ Dr.Hootn’cough, Dr.Hoff’n’Puffer’ and Dr.Guin Stein Smurfer Our nominees for the fight against cancer. Try not to be confused or carried away by strategic and tactical use of character branding our minions. the aim is saving our environment.

Experimenting with Applicable Smoking Excitement Can Exercise Toxic Acidity Levels into Expulsion. Eating plenty of fruits and Drinking adequate amount water to Relax your endo lungs While acting with a looney healthy breathing is a Fun Exercise. The Lao Tzu (Tao te ching) The Classic of the way and its virtue. Tao te ching “emphasizes the joyful, passive, carefree side of life- the permanent way of the Tao is none being and un-being” The way of the truth departed from the way of the lie in an instance to quit in denial when work is Done.

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