We are taking 100% responsibility for all of our working designs being released for public consumption. However, while public science proves social orientation towards facts and trends remain unpredictable, we will only be responsible for what is printed and not by what is misread or misunderstood or misinterpreted.









Dear End Users Apply Caution

in a case where you feel uncomfortable about a design, It is clearly unintentional because In Most of our cases we apply irony of wordplay in our designs which is sensed by forced misinterpretation; we have some cases like this where coded messages aren’t correctly deciphered or was evasive and devoid of real meaning, in such cases where we meant to be misunderstood, to you what you felt we may have meant may be incorrect but you may not have thought what we thought our message may have meant, for this we sincerely apologize for any design you may feel was intended to be offensive or you thought we made to make you feel purposely uncomfortable in any case we are 



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