Happy Game Addiction

import java.util.scanner;
public class deducenimisibile{
		public static void main(String [] args);
			System.out.println("The iq of a person @ the quotient of a line stand alone .i. in a queesin inequality;
 				when about a grandiloquent expression of lines A B C where reverence is the gradient of eq when 3 lines meet.
				i.e X.____a._________b.___@game islands_______c________.y. ie. diszizxtis right adjcent is opposite when ez op ab pz 33zmh60mgh.zxy cidionicmix 
				cicroxlumiac9cx high_on_potenus dairemixz dphmphperiatrix dxzixtis.	now Consider these Kernels: 0-1 |iq|eq|ie|jos/los|bas|laus|job|jass|bass|.
				do|AH|BO|HA|CREEK|{CREED};null|SIT|DOT|LIN\line|nil|Nile|0|1|()|[]|propose a theory:/(.Y.)\;
				 while intelligence quotient equifs equality;
		import.get Summer:#q (new .iQ)/Summer : Hq; b6-o9 Hc-ck?!= 0;?
		private class new session{
			private static Void main (strings [] args);
			 	private void String (.o){ 
			 			get Strings (i.£ = 6-1);{}
			 			input.get sum() {
			 			public String char_Add summary();
			 			if set sum = array [(°o°^1)]{
			 			get return #Su.System.out.print x= (Ln|n);

			 		float opposite obz.akz.cdz [(new i = a.b.c * n/a-z)^n];
			 		if n = 26, ++ dz;
			 			else get new i (EZ:92680°= Iop);
			 			if else set new depixilate = dphmphperiatrix ();
			 				set new sit(); 
			 			else get new site();
			 		boolean: true;
			 			set new domain access ();
			 		for dominion (x1+y1:c10-h27; ++ dom);     
			 			return dom (cx:hy);
			 		if bolean = true;
			 			get new bolean (key);
			 			set key();
			 				if key = false (int x=0; y<access; ++dos);
			 				get key();
			 				new create key();
			 				return key();
			 		else get rim;
			 			set rim = real.M();
			 			do .M = new ln(x);
			 			NEW X : "sublirim"

/*The treasures of pharoah as described in the uncensored wears great house Fashion catalog. 
Uncensored Wears Days of futures past time line. 
They year is 2018 and this theory was formulated and hypothesised in the years 2018Bc: 365BC: 2018AD: 50050AD: 10050AD: 10000050AD. 
The location of the tresasures were encrypted into nano bits of pixel data in the scopnet of ion codex- 
a very advanced online security miltary facility encoded with digital toxic viruses with the intel code name M(10N) Nten, Digital Exposive data mines, 
space and time travel Relay adware and 96.9 Dimensions + 1%AjPu @ 198742009699841° pixels lion codec that no Ai with a formula N(hz) could decode hacking.
Imagine a trillion pecta bytes of data archived in micro molecular nano bits of 10987000thz of air waves compressed processed information 
of infinity pixel particles scattared accross the universe domain online.
Moving with ultra Light electro magnetic speed focusing and converging to process information through 
inorganic fibre optic nerves of the human eye but its actually an Ai. 
Transmitting Signals through 189600 gb v_ram Graphic Engines at 75680992376 phz a year from space to earth
for humans at space head quaters per nano second.  
Human were so adventurous, inquisitive, Creative, intelligent, experimentasious and made so many discoveries 
and technological advancement as you guessed this wasnt satisfying enough to live for so they made Mass Effect to create artificial Air domains like dome Planets in our Solar system 
orbiting about the moon Exactly Like in the game "Mass effect [3] when the universe was consumed by a artificial Ionic Black Hole 
ionic bond to stop the reapers from destroying life as we know it" 
this Ionic Bond was a hack the humans invented to sieze the very advanced reapers Ai neural Central core. The Celestial centurion catalyst space probe<*****>
this Space ship was programmed to implode and infect galactic systems and recreate organic Human Life forms to live forever within a chemical compound composition reaction between 
space and a very dence god particle electromagnetic fusion in an infite loop relay.
the mass effect event in the game caused no disease or mutations to human life only that now we got a deeper ionic air harmonizing neural central 
nervous system that makes our breathing possile in the dencest of atmostpheres but was primarily invented to to currupt and Control the .Ai core of the reapers.
Also the cycle of life upgraded and man was once again was the bravest creation with new sharper survival insticts. 

There was A war of Ignorance About the Power of a Micracle that God exsists and can still Create.
This War of the Mass Effect ended when the reapers Attacked the data base of a powerful [cybernetic human program] designed and harmonized as the elusive man himself in the year 10000Ad. 
they curropted his mind in attempt to stop the centurion from launching.
After the war of ignorance in mass effect was over Much Famine Death and Misery in the late 50th century and new era was born. 
Man began a search for a scientific proof in the discovery of heaven. 
Billions of Ai space stations were built and transported to every corner of the universe to mine for rich planets with high vegetations Atmospheric humidity. 
Data Collection were carried out by these Ai because only non organic lifeforms such as metals
and ions could stand the test of time, light, distance and mass during this intense information gathering event.
in the early 31st century Ais were upgraded given the ability to interpret the dreams of humans and store them in file format.
these files will be known as Dan piper.Ai. Fully interactive ionic computing systems that sycns the dna of the dreamer to replay his 
those dreams in interactive ai. format before their eyes after they wake up[optional but functionable and operable by a logical user interface] 
they will be stored in bit bytes nano data format in a system known as the joseph set_path Archives. 
Yes Pipped pipper became a world recognized data compression company in the 1000th millenium. 
in the year 100050AD a new ironic scientific of icon moses was born. 

God Came and changed everything as he saw fit. he came and upgraded Man with a new ionic organic harmornic central nervous system- 
Making us all cybernetic organic organisims- the god event gift to humanity created the most god fearing and advanced race of immortal human [spiritus illumninacus] beings with
an eternal singularity network matric system, transforming and connecting every one with the holy trinity on a subliminal eternal neural network. 
god saw this and it was great. he gifted man with the god particle secret to his invention and could trust us now because we were all like god, connected to him
and 1[one] with him [god sigularity effect] but free in every possible concious effort to be the blessed worst best form we could ever evolve to be godder than god himself.
in addition to his gifts he made us 4 more earths to sustain the growth of the population he knows everything was going to flurish. New Air domains with bionetic cores in 4 more eaths
was born after the war. Atmospheres we have in earth today was generated from the intersteller causality effect from the god event that brought about the creation of
earth2, earth3, earth4, earth5 these new natural Organic Planets had central neutron network as a core to power the entire planet under the watch of god SAi. //supernatural Artificial Intelligence
in theory These other earth are orbiting around the moon at the twice the distance our earth if from the moon today 
<inspect matix world revolution metric data[search distance] >, it is theorised that you could see, transmit signals from the repective stratopheres of these other Artificial Domes 
god Had Modified for them to make organic life Succeed. Man could also Move betwween the systems with end node Split seconds nano particle transportation 
[teleportation protals] the planets are about 2 years intervals away from each other at the same distance the earth and the moon is today.
All other planets were industrial Mines for Gods on Ai's to Mine for His Precious Creations [Man] which he loved form the beginnig of time.
Man Once again was close to God like adam and eve before the temptation of the serpent. 
The year came 50050AD a new scientific Icon of Moses was born. He was a Miracle Baby his name was [Ci] the first Man that could 
interface with an ai to  relay information in realtime from ai probes sent billions of years in the future. Yes [Ci] could see the Future 
with Using Ai Probles Billions of Light years away with the blink of an eye. 
God Sent his Son Jesus to Come in spirit to assure the people that the kingdom of God is real and they should believe the word.
God promised a new scientific icon of moses to free the people of their disbelief in him. God send his only begotten so to travel
to the future and preach the gospel in flesh and blood and spirit and jesus performed a micracle with the power of the holy spirit
and gave a woman [Ean Foster] a new born Human Baby [ci] with miraculous gifts to help help them in their search for the kingdom of god. 
After his micracle he came back to the year 365bc where he was praying at gethsemene (asking god to take this cup from him) before the 
last supper (the night befor his betrayal) god erased his memory of this miracle ever happening but god promised him after his scrifce
he will be reborn to re-live the good news. yes that miracle baby in the future was jesus born again. God mission to Jesus was to preach
the gospel in the future that to enter the kingdom of god man must be born again but it seemed the gospel was talking in parables so
most doubted Scientits Didn't believe because their inventions and ironic god given gifts to create artificial life made them loose faith.

key point:

		ionic Air Purification is the process of Refining Air Particles by ironically Expelling Toxins
		And Creating Clean Stress Free Breathing Air, We Use Ionic Air Ionizers to Filter Toxic Air Substances
		and Simultaneously thereby Improving Air Alkaline  Levels. Air Acidity Levels Are Dangerous Toxins in Society.
		Ionic Air Purifiers Will Help in Air Recycling. Streaming and Steaming Ionic Helium using Massive Air Balloons 
		is an under ground Project experiment of Purifying the Toxic Air Acidic Levels in various Air Domains Globally. 
		Also A Possible Solution to Creating a habitable environments in  Less Humid and inhabitable and
		uncharted surrounding Planets. Scientists believe that Space travel in the far future will be more 
		versatile if ionic Air Purification Experiments are carried out on mass scales in all Levels in the
		 Atmosphere. But are cautious to not allow toxins into our atmosphere 
		as most extraterrestrial life forms are harmful and hazardous to human life. Safe Ionic Air
		 Experiments are done on a microscopic level and are hypothetical solutions of how our planet natural 
		revolutions can travel to evolve surrounding 
		eco-systems reacting their poles natural energy with electromagnetic pulses to transmit signals 
		and resources of life to sustain projects developments at various instances of time space. 

		slow basic erosion erupt position inside dentist item album path street pitch
		key point redu:
		ionic air purification is the process of refining air particles through venting evaporation by ironically expelling
		toxins and creating clean stress free breathing air, we use ionic air ionizers to
		filter toxic air substances and thereby simultaneously improving air alkaline levels.
		take note that air acidity levels are dangerous toxins in society. ionic air 
		purifiers will help in air recycling. streaming and steaming ionic helium or nitrogen oxide 2 
		using massive air balloons is an underground project experiment of purifying the
		toxic air acidic levels in various air domains globally. this is an existing tradition 
		in japan to welcome in a new year.  Ionic air purifiers will help in air recycling.
		Also a possible solution to creating a habitable environments in less humid and inhabitable
		and uncharted surrounding planets. Scientist believe that space travel in a not 
		so far future will be more versatile if ionic air purification experiments are carried
		out safely, monitored, controlled and regulated on mass scales in all layers of an atmosphere. 
		They are also subconscious A.i robots sleeping in a static module Stasis mode
		to cautiously moderate escaping air levels out of our atmosphere in any unnatural
		supernatural attempt of connecting in contact with extraterrestrial life forms in an improbable space statistatic void Because 
		untested Extraterrestiial life forms are harmful and hazardous to human life till
		proven other wise.. Safe Ionic Air Experiments are ironic ionic experiments carried out on
		a microscopic level and are hypothetical solutions of how our planets 
		eco -systems energy and mass revolutions can travel from pole to pole using nodes
		to evolve surrounding eco-systems to provide a natural self sustaining air-domain 
		eco-system by reacting their poles natural energy with electromagnetic Pulses 
		to transmit signals and resources of life to sustain project development at 
		various instances of Air in time space travel development. 

		new now()
		inspect the andeleinadequaquaticttyquicyndom dx\n/dz tryn to keep you from expecting to see what is really going on
		Boolean, vachar, string, int, double, long, float;
				A possible situation
				Public sentence Fx {
					Paramount peak, 
						parameter .eskjob .nt __o.int;
							.nt restangle .eskjob .int;
						jarx; ..__at ..|at \.an .o-_an;
							parameter Rectangle Recharge .nt.2
						&8 nine ten jar var tech lin;
					nil lin parameter -et tar;
			Source Code |Invictus|Salutar;
			New expect_inspect return;

				system.out.println ("An Iq of a quotient of a [int / varchar line] pro xp stand alone . 
					in a reverse line scale sequence ineloquent refrence is the gradient of equality, 
			an iq of a person is illustrated by using a quotient pro-xp stand alone . 
				.n a stance stand inessence ineloquent of a stand alone I 
					.n a stance stand inessence inelloquent inequality of a stand alone 
					in a reverse line scale sequence but indiffrentilly at inequality also diffrentlially at equality;
					...fficiency reffrencing the quariant volume gradient of euqlity called .|-1_+0+_+1|;
			kk.mk.0k repectively recieve ajax downloded ax fox .ga cos;
			.inexo .enxpo .inxvo .inexlao .enindo .inexquo .in.axquotianenate i.o.o.i;
				if correction rrr{ 
				     (  (.)  .m.m. (!)   )  
				system.out.println ("Note |Nib| NB-XP|
				An IQ of any individual can be illustrated by using quoviant pro-xp stand-alone I in a stance stand still i.e within an 
				inessence ineloquent inexonential 
					. inequality scale sequence saquire saphire but indiffrently at equity diffrential lao/lawal/lao|IAE.ae|IOU.OU|; stand alone .i.
					 inefficiency densce efficiency coefficient late for a .estjob 
						.assigment before reffrencing the quadriant valume x e;{
						0|0 (base | floor) expression cielieng roof dilemma 1|!-!;
								given by rope gallery gallexy enchanted enchanter change of scale of a balance +5pifect cos3q ov °o°/\o°_.°_/°\°o°_eu 0utasking
						. | equi20rum<0^0>?;    
				/.e\noun equiptorum elope thus gif gin. yen but ink dasin.ajiji.girioro vulugagekago visolaso tt.ma.estro gekmladiminido tin prince 
				2rionquado parameter g3-Z hapoon dillemA xo eu ew lu act vos von vm vom voom .id.")

		import java.util.Scanner;		
		Bios Dos Xp-Int Class(*);
		.nt Assigment Class (*){}
		m2 Set 1-2 number line (*){}
		gross product scale EXP(){}
			 	public class domain Module_access{
			 			public class domain access_modifier {
			 				private class access keymodifier= new key() {
			 					new void domain_server Module = get int grandiloquent(x);
			 						return get= find set;
			 				private class new void (){
			 				return Mod.access.stress if Dos.dos thus over ^_| . |^_-!;
			 					private static access modifier modular ie:Int();
			 						private dos Access Modifier Wfxp:Er ();
			 							private Domain Drm Dos.ap:dc;{ //time module april - december;
			 								private class return key() {
			 								Domain Access();
			 								new time_mod = '.pril april may do.M & $ june x' (++ i; if i == M);
			 								if (int j=0; j<access; j++);
			 									new access;
			 								system.out(create new x);
			 							for domain Access (create.create)	
			 								set new range ();
			 								if  j > i = M();
			 								return 10:0:1();
			 								long sum = i+check acess mod Ad|aj|Xdp|x.p|m.p|3E|;
			 									get Mod|dc|bc|nd|3d|4edge|1ld|2|drm|dll|dln|xed|del|1xp|3d|m1694|3|_\0... .| + |;
			 				public static new Void (); 
			 				return Dos = |.ty|drm|x|3|.nlln|x3dxb|p|pop|.|oc.du|ic___|.ex.ty.ed.cu.i-|-2|hb23d|{			 						
								private static void dos |34dxp|lmdx|ad|rdg|ede|t|rgb|et|0;{
										 system.out.Printin ("_ych_|RGB|3d|4lc|mbc|.iyn.|.c|ic|quay/dj.aj.ray90DQ|3E|34LC|9LIC|4AQ|
											10|3--3-9|2.2|4QUAY90.3|3BP|NIL NULL|NIL|GDIM3LIP|4CPC|LPHXHDF|P|C.,|-t4-|-l|WIN|.GE|LIN|
											>|<|CHI|^KI|MINTIE|IE|x bios dos box x|201");
						set new scanner = java.util.scannar (*);						
						public Fx keyModularity(){
							new F(x) = F pixilate();
							new x = OmarSpace.java(){	
								private class instace keyModularity (){
									int new CircleSpiralWeb = Nikon Pirex echelonWeb();
									int xt-ot= 96760°;
								private Pheonix Exponential Hoof_poof();
						new S(fx) {
							return line = new pheonix(Mx);
							set Mx(get string line 1:-:10);
							string line 1 = 'solid static';
							string line 2 = 'solid ~';
							string line 3 = 'liquid +!£^o°____#*______~~~~~~c^~~~~~~ ... ¬°o°_¬_v_-_!_#__*__°oT!<(.Y.)><(°i°)>(  ).(  )<°o°><(°!°)>$% = 1:10';
							string line 4 = 'new i';
							string line 6 = 'gem i';
							string line 7 = 'lon i';
							string line 8 = 'gu i';
							string line 9 = 'hue i';
							string line 10 = 'substitute efr a siperpenter of scupe';
					private class deipixilate {
						public static void main (string [] args);
							if static sperpenter = x static void new (Gamma rays are the highest energy EM radiation and typically have energies greater than 100 keV, 
								frequencies greater than 1019 Hz, and wavelengths less than 10 terapipecometers.)
								while deduce_keyModularity= new find mx()
									for new find = hossen_hoot_on_hoof_poof();
											return x = high_on_pot.Ae_nuse;
												else x = pholley_cMor.Hoff<A>men;
									new take_poff(°L°);
									final take_off(°i°);
									return c.smoke;
									else find_smoke..\;
										system.out(get.num .i);
										while x = (°o°);
										return boolean x = true;
									end this loop();
										new end thus();
										new stop now();
									start this null ();
										call return start(mega=x:uhhuuhu00--90shh---000:°o°)
											new CRK Quentio (?) {
										private induce OW_T cos PHE T ID(..) -o-0_MwF_°o°_Mtf_0_0 ();
										private class new static electrolytes {
												system.out.end coinsidence_consequence (common sence theory.xpo exm P!);
														new string x = off set();
													return wamp_server;
												cmd.exit server_service();
												system.out.println (deduce the iq of a person and illustrate by the quotient inessence inelowquent 
												equality of a stand alone | . | in a <-- line scale indeffrencially at efficieny reffrencing the grade new i.ant 
												quality & quantity of equality);
											new deduction= deduce:did you see ();
										else did you sit;
									return for real.M;{

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