The Lost Search for a Holy Veil of Passion for Fashion

The search for the Veil of passion in fashion’s Future’s Past.

In fashion blogging today, we cannot Assume Anything in the versatile industry of fashion as style and trends can ever be constant nor neither consistent. Nobody knows where the train of trend is going to go even in this transparent era of fashion where you can literally see through a new haven, it is something that always changes, evolves and re-evolves from time to time from generation to generation and leaves fashion lovers devoid of creative velocity in setting trends. We ought to apply a transcending sensitive and tactical approach when tackling the projectile trends that fashion future holds. It is almost impossible to predict where the winds blow or where the tides of the oceans shift at night let alone anticipate fashion news daily.

For that reason, we are on an exotic journey of designing compelling erotic, sensual fashion and style. The primary aim is to discover the fruits of fashions future’s past which have been hidden, sealed and encoded right in front of our eyes from the beginning of time.we might be surprised if hidden within these walls, ceilings and edges beyond the verge of our reach for understanding what trends tomorrow holds, is the flare gun waiting to be shot In emergency since enduring on the lost search for the veil of the passion for fashion which was inevitably where the flair for fashion truly lied.

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