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The Aim of our Uncensored Wears Network is to
connect everyone in society through
fashion, fun, Laughter, clothing, designs and Technology.

Why Choose Us?

Clothing is a basic necessity for life. Just like shelter, and food, everyone in the world needs new clothes. In this modern time, sexual cultures and orientations have changed and thus uncensored wears intends to seize the opportunity and develop a new online fashion line that provides customers with freedom of expression by designing clothing. Also uncensored wears provides its services to celebrities like Artists by branding them, they call this service “Character branding”. Corporate branding is also a business service uncensored wears provides to the corporate world.

Esiri Ekwale – As the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) his role is to provide the company with new ideas on how to grow. He is a respectable ICT Business Man with a vision, He is also a Team member of the IT firm “ion Codex” responsible for building UNCENSORED WEARS, ION CODEX, LIFE STYLE GROUP NIGERIA  and many others.

From his software Engineering experience he will be able to provide the business with Good E-business ideas that will guarantee the company’s growth over time. Also the business experience he has acquired running the business gives him a solid advantage which is mainly to avoid expensive mistakes during the future of the business.

He believes his customers are part of the life of the business and tries to carry them along where ever he is.

As you know technology is the common means for connecting people. this platform was made for everybody, however if you’re a business owner in fashion or tech space our business is to connect you with our growing customer base of over 10 thousand customers. Uncensored Wears is an exquisite clothing line for the matured adolescent in colleges, working class adults in the corporate world and generally Every Informed adult in our society.

When one says uncensored they are referring to a word or phrase that is vulgar and hence should not be said out or used in public especially around the younger generation. However this line of clothing intends to capitalise on the controversial use of words and things that are offensive by transforming and encrypting them into Deeply convinced Pons and Jokes using Simple ironic Graphic designs to reduce the level of rudeness or impoliteness in the word/phrase, therefore delivering the message in a more subtle, unique and fun way that may decrypted or decoded and can be accepted by everyone in society.

Late Dr. Stan Lee- Former Comic writer and inventor of character branding at Marvel Studio

Character branding is the process of giving an individual an image that is relate able and easily identifiable, a design that represents what they or a group believes in. this helps people understand the character’s objective and mission better and add Life to their career.

The fact the design is on a cloth and everybody can see it and choose to like it gives the character an opportunity to create more awareness and exposure for him/herself by producing branded merchandise to the public or give them out for free in other to improve fan base.

The same also goes to the corporate world where Owners of businesses want their business to be known. In the corporate world, cooperate shirts are used for the serious office work area while tee shirts are mainly used for Advertising of the company and are given out to marketers.

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Uncensored wears is developed by IT Firm (Ion Codex). At uncensoredwears.com we believe the main key to success is the uniqueness in our web and mobile application development.

This brand believes uniqueness is the best way to satisfy its customers. Ion Codex is a Company ran by a young C.E.O who Research to discover the latest in Information Technology Business and also has the programming Skills and know how to implement these functionalities into e-business. Uncensored wears has selected Ion Codex for our IT Project development plan.

Ion Codex is an IT firm that develops quality Mobile web Applications and comprehensive websites. Mobile web Application Development is an exquisite service rarely used by most e-businesses.  Developing web application and comprehensive websites I.e a fully functional system is an expensive project. We believe in the support of technology, IT improves the awareness and integrity of a business which will in turn provide customers and enable more people know about the business. Also Ion Codex offers maintenance to its customers after their system has been built. In case any errors occurs the maintenance team will rectify the problem as soon as possible.